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Music which unfolds not only over Time but across Space as well:

Walk into a space, finding music suspended there like a hanging garden. Moving between the invisible players' sounds, it is possible to create your own audition of the music, different each time.

3D-BARE is an interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Southampton to build a digital platform for audiences to walk inside a musical composition and move between the separate instruments and voices as though amongst real performers.

We are bringing together acoustical and software engineering with ideas inspired by the unrealized dreams of early innovators in technological music such as Edgard Varèse, in his breath-taking "The Liberation of Sound". See Zones of Intensities.

It is a way of making 'acousmatic' music - separated from a visible or perceptible source - seem as though it were really being played. It also makes possible, for the first time, a variation in the way we hear a digitally generated soundscape.

Depending on your route through the music, you experience a unique version of it. With this means of listening, the music is no longer a fixed artefact but a shifting, changing part of the space itself.

©Copyright Benjamin Mawson 2012